Call Tracking Basics: If you can’t track it, you can’t hack it

by | Jun 15, 2022

In the age of increasing digitalization and hyper-personalization of marketing, it’s surprising why many companies and brands still don’t fully understand their individual customer journey. Don’t believe it? Then answer this question: do you have a full grasp of your inbound calls? If not, you should read through this article to learn more about call tracking.
Measure, detect, analyze, act … and repeat. That’s the maxim of any modern, data-driven marketing strategy. In times of increasing digitalization, measurability thus becomes the catalyst for value creation, the yardstick for marketing budgets and investments – as well as success. Whether it’s transaction data, log-in activities or the contents of virtual shopping carts, all information is tracked, evaluated and assessed. The insights gained then flow back to the individual departments, optimizing business processes – marketing, sales, support and even product development. However, one communication channel often remains hidden from tracking, even though it contains particularly valuable information: contacts via telephone.

Call Tracking: Marketing is not a gut call, it’s a data-based decision

And this is where call tracking comes into play: with innovative MarTech and software solutions, marketers can efficiently integrate inbound calls into their performance marketing strategy. This makes it possible, e.g. to determine which advertising measures, campaigns or Google Ads work particularly well concerning call conversions – and which don’t. This is fact-based action and no longer a fun guessing game – after all, there is often a lot of money at stake.

Without Call Tracking, a large part of the customer journey remains hidden

Nowadays marketers are the ‘masters of data’ in many companies – this compliments their very analytical and data-driven way of working. The transparency of customer journeys, knowing them in all aspects and characteristics, exactly mapping every (communicative) trail, these traits are the essential success guarantors of their job.
It is therefore all the more surprising that CMOs in particular often – consciously or unconsciously – refrain from tracking their customer journeys to 100%. You don’t believe it? Ok, here’s a fun fact: If you ask many marketers whether they can say which of their inbound call contacts are based on the telephone numbers played out in advertising marketing measures, they often only give evasive answers – they simply don#t know . Mind you, we’re only talking about calls here; we’re not even talking about qualified leads yet.

So it quickly becomes clear that a consistent Call Tracking system could work wonders and directly contribute to marketing efficiency.

The simplest way how this could work looks like this:

Companies distribute dedicated digitally trackable phone numbers in their respective print, out-of-home, display or radio ads, which can then be precisely assigned to each campaign. If a potential customer then calls using one of these numbers, the marketer can identify exactly at which point in the customer journey this user entered the process. They can then use this knowledge to optimize their strategies.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about Call Tracking and its possibilities or experience specific, more advanced use cases, you should have a look at our Call Tracking services.

Jun 15, 2022

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