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Your telephone number check in 7 steps

We often make it unnecessarily difficult for interested parties and customers to get in touch with us over the telephone.
That’s why we are providing you with a 7-step telephone number check so that you can check your numbers and telephone contact options.

1. Are your numbers clickable on a mobile device?

We all know how it goes – you’re looking at a company’s website on your smartphone and want to get in touch with them by phone. You finally get to the telephone number after clicking on the Contact menu item, but unfortunately this hasn’t been integrated correctly and you can’t click on it. This won’t really bother proficient smartphone owners – they will just copy the number and insert it into their phone app. Yet this ultimately costs valuable call conversions.

2. Are your numbers clickable on a desktop computer?

Desktop? Yes, you’ve heard correctly. It makes sense to make numbers clickable on a desktop computer, too. Your customers will be grateful to you for this, especially in the B2B sector, when you guide potential business customers to your websites. Today, many people work with softphones or telephone applications which transfer a clickable telephone number directly into their telephone software. This makes the call much more convenient.

3. Do you have a call button on your mobile site?

No? Then it’s about time you did. A call button is pretty much the easiest and most convenient way for a customer to make a call (but we’re still working on it all the same). With a simple click, a boost to your call numbers is just a “thumb’s reach” away.


4. Are your Google call extensions activated?

Sometimes, all your customers want to do is call you directly, which they can do using a call extension from Google Ads, without having to visit your website. More information on this can be found in our article:
What are call extensions?

5. Do you still need your freephone 0800 numbers?

There was a time when it was still really expensive to make telephone calls, be it from a landline or cellphone. We “children of the 80s” remember the days before flat rates all too well. This was the finest hour for 0800 numbers, since they meant you could talk to a company for as long as you wanted and, most importantly, it was free of charge. These days are over, and so it’s obvious that you won’t be attracting callers to your call center with an 0800 number anymore. Quite the opposite, in fact – over the years, callers have come to associate 0800 numbers with long waiting times and experiences that are often unpleasant. In most cases, customers appreciate a local landline number, which is reflected in higher call numbers. If you still operate an 0800 number, carry out a simple A/B test on your website and see whether you might be better off – or no worse off – replacing your 0800 number with a local number. A nice side effect – call charges for an 0800 number are often a huge item on telephone bills, and so if you can save money here, this will leave you with more budget for online marketing and call tracking.

6. Have you checked your offsite numbers? Have these been updated?

Many numbers are no longer under your direct control, as they are listed offsite with partners and platforms – for example, on Facebook, Instagram, Xing, Linkedin, Werliefertwas, Google MyBusiness, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Marktplatz Mittelstand, Bing, telephone book, classified directories, etc. If you have always given your central phone number here in the past, and this is displayed here, too, then you can lean back and relax a bit (without tracking of channels unfortunately). However, numbers for departments, contact partners, campaigns etc. are often listed here. It is worth checking, because especially when it comes to offsite listings, callers are even less forgiving of “non-reachability”. 

 7. What happens when you cannot be reached from time to time?

You’ve gone through steps 1–6, you’ve checked all your numbers, and so you are universally “reachable”. Now it’s time to check when you’ve got reachability gaps, how many callers can call you at the same time, and what kind of experience callers have when they call you outside opening hours. Is there a lead recovery process? Answering machine?
Simply put yourself in your customer’s shoes, become a mystery shopper, and test things out thoroughly.


It’s worthwhile checking your telephone numbers regularly and setting up a system to monitor them. It’s also worth taking a look at things from the customer’s point of view – it will pay off.

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