29 Mar 2023

Optimal Performance Marketing: Get started with Digital Customer Experience Insights

Our matelso Founder & CEO Frank G. Froux took the opportunity on March 28th to present our MarTech solution, the matelso platform to prospective and existing customers – the solution for an optimal Performance Marketing. In addition to the idea behind this powerful solution as well as concrete use cases, he also showed the most important advantages that marketers can benefit from:

  • A massively shortened MarTech toolchain
  • Stronger and more valuable customer data and insights
  • A massive uplift for marketing and more qualified leads for the same budget

In summary: The matelso platform strengthens the entire Online and Performance Marketing strategy with its innovative communication based lead management approach and significantly optimizes the marketing ROI.

Watch the whole german webinar here.

Improve marketing ROI with strong Performance Marketing

In the webinar, Frank Froux shows that direct interactions (conversations) that prospects conduct with companies via channels such as (video) calls, chat, mail or contact forms contain lots of valuable data. It is therefore important to make this information trackable, analyzable and usable by means of suitable MarTech solutions in order to improve the marketing strategy as well as budget efficiency and transparency. Only with this knowledge can the entire Customer Journey be mapped 100% and utilized in a way that adds value. To do this, marketers need innovative tools that not only bring together all incoming leads in one place and make them available across departments. Rather, these applications must also be able to transfer all collected information to existing third-party systems such as CRM and analytics tools. Only then will innovative and efficient lead management processes emerge that generate more valuable leads with the same budget.

Know how much a lead is worth and determine the real marketing ROI

The solution: the matelso platform. A cloud-based MarTech platform that not only improves Performance Marketing and lead generation, but also strengthens customer lifecycle management and the digital customer experience. The platform includes features such as contact management, communication tools (e.g. phone, chat, video call and mail) and integration with third party systems such as CRM or analytics tools – especially Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The result: optimal Performance Marketing

Turning data into successful business stories – Marketers learn here how to get more out of their data and thus significantly improve not only their Online and Performance Marketing strategies, but also their entire lead management. The result: more leads and a higher marketing ROI. The magic word is communication-based lead management. This is how real success is created from company data!

Mar 29, 2023

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