​​Use Case NextUp Media: Using Call Tracking to combat click fraud

by | Apr 15, 2023

Our client – NextUp Media

NextUp Multimedia Media GmbH is an up-and-coming Google Ads agency from the Austrian capital Vienna, specializing in performance-oriented campaigns in eCommerce. Their clients include selected brands such as Der Schwarzwälder, Vitalhemp or MedElite. Due to its orientation as a boutique agency, the service provider always aims to offer its clients first-class products, services and technology.

Combating Click Fraud: Call Tracking for Shimonov GmbH

Another long-standing customer of NextUp Media is Shimonov GmbH. The agency developed and implemented the long-term project “Aufsperrfuchs.at” for the renowned locksmith from Vienna. This supports the company in massively optimizing its Google Ads campaigns.

The initial situation: Click fraud & spoof calls reduce efficiency

In the past, the lock & key service company had great difficulties in countering the risks from click fraud & spoof calls. This significantly affected campaign and marketing budget efficiency.

This was noticeable by the fact that click fraud occurred predominantly using specific keywords. Although numerous clicks were generated via these terms, no authentic conversions could be measured for them. A similar situation could be observed with the parameters locations & times. Here, however, the low conversion rates gave the decisive indication of the fraud. This data could not be determined in relation to the click fraud via the keywords and was therefore a further challenge.

The result: The conventional method of recording and measuring a click on a button as a conversion proved to be insufficient. Due to the fraudulent interventions, it was not possible to reliably evaluate campaign results as well as the performance of individual measures. Under these conditions, a sustainable and continuous optimization of the strategy was even more unthinkable.

The solution: matelso Call Tracking

In search of a solution to the challenge of click fraud, NextUp Media finally approached us as MarTech specialists – because of our Call Tracking technology. The integration in the solution helps Shimonov GmbH to precisely record leads from the important contact channel telephone (i.e. inbound calls) in particular and thus to better assess the success of the Google Ads campaigns designed by NextUp Media. The integration of matelso technology into the workflow makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of fraudulent clicks and thus significantly increase the efficiency of the campaigns.

Another advantage of matelso Call Tracking: The integration also makes the behavior of visitors on the website visible. This enables NextUp Media to precisely record all call conversions for the client – including the keywords that triggered a call. In this way, the agency was able to use the matelso solution to identify keywords that were previously incorrectly counted as conversions – but actually represented click fraud. This led to a containment of such keywords and an improved performance of the advertising campaigns.

The result

matelso’s innovative Call Tracking solution proved to be an extremely valuable tool in effectively combating click fraud. NextUp Media was able to reduce the percentage of fraudulent clicks from the original 90% to less than 10% with the help of the innovative technology. In addition, Shimonov GmbH’s ROAS has multiplied and costs have been drastically reduced. Overall, matelso Call Tracking has helped to significantly improve the quality of the client’s Google Ads campaigns and massively increase their satisfaction.

Apr 15, 2023

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