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Use our award-winning martech tracking software to make your inbound calls an essential part of your marketing strategy and let the customer insights you gain work for you to holistically optimize your advertising measures.

Call Tracking provides valuable data on call leads – whether they come from the website or from other channels.

Current statistics and surveys show that, contrary to popular belief, the telephone is becoming increasingly popular. Especially in the areas of marketing, consulting and sales, customers are increasingly turning to the phone instead of filling out complicated forms or searching for answers to their questions on complex websites or in chats.

For details on the most common use cases (car dealership, B2B, online marketing agencies) feel free to click on the following link. For a personal consultation incl. demo click directly on the button “book appointment”.

matelso Benefits
Marketing ROI

Because we optimize online marketing.

Inbound Call data significantly optimizes online marketing campaigns

Especially in areas where the product is more expensive or requires special consulting, people pick up the phone more often than digital marketers would like. Accordingly, call conversions often do not show up in marketing reports. These calls and the insights that can be gained from them are lost forever.

This is where Call Tracking technology comes into play: It provides marketers with massive support in filtering out valuable information from the communication channel call and using this data to optimize campaigns as well as online and offline marketing measures. In addition, decision makers achieve significantly better results and a higher marketing ROI.

Accurate reporting

Because we create more knowledge and transparency.

Call Conversion Tracking generates transparency

Call Tracking is a technology that helps companies – especially marketing departments – improve the success of their campaigns and the quality of their customer service. By using specific phone numbers assigned to each channel or campaign, marketers can accurately track and analyze leads coming in through the Call communication channel . Inbound Call Analytics increases visibility into this important touchpoint and creates deep insights into the success of each campaign – or its failure. The technology also makes it possible to monitor call quality and identify and eliminate weaknesses in the strategy. Based on this, marketers can increase the number as well as the value of incoming calls and prove which measures are doing well and which aren’t. The result: higher customer retention and a stronger customer experience – and ultimately more revenue.
Lead Management

Because we improve your lead management.

CRM integration: How Call Tracking creates a stronger lead management

By integrating Call Tracking into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, marketers can set up a stronger lead management process. When a call comes in from a specific phone number associated with the campaign, the Call Tracking technology or the person answering the call, can collect information about the caller and import it into the CRM system – e.g. name, phone number and time of call. This allows the lead to be qualified and further steps such as follow-up calls or email campaigns to be planned. In addition, call transcriptions and records allow companies to gain valuable information about their customers’ needs and interests, which is invaluable for lead generation and marketing campaign personalization.
matelso Call Tracking
See for yourself how matelso Call Tracking can help you achieve your marketing goals. We’ll also show you how you can easily and quickly book specific phone numbers for numerous campaigns and channels via our innovative web interfaces and APIs – in over 60 countries. Our Call Tracking starts at 72€ per month. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Book an appointment or call us directly.
matelso customers

Many companies trust us and have been using our successful solutions for years.

Customer testimonial

"With matelso we have found an ideal partner for calltracking. As a B2B company, the important telephone contact points with the customer were previously not measurable. Thanks to the simple integration, we were able to quickly collect important insights and improve our data-driven onlinemarketing. Thank you for the great cooperation."

- Bennet Flöter, CMO at IT-Planet GmbH

Customer testimonial

“We were able to take our Call Tracking to a new level with matelso's solution.aIt has allowed us to map optional lead attribution for each channel."

– Julian Höner, Head of IT & E-Commerce at Glasprofi24 GmbH

Customer testimonial

“I was surprised how fast and uncomplicated the setup of Call Tracking with matelso was. I am thrilled with the result! The many features offered by the matelso Control Panel are ideally suited to the dynamic business environment in which we operate. Working with you is a real pleasure.“

– Finn Hassold, Head of Productmanagement Digital, Online-Marketing & Datenmanagement at Heise RegioConcept.

matelso facts & figures

We think progressively and outside the box. You don’t have to be a start-up to do that. A medium-sized, owner-managed company can also do this successfully and very well.

Over 15 years of success in the MarTech market

Websites use our Call Tracking

Over 500 customers
matelso company

We offer solutions that address the marketing challenges of the future – based on more than 15 years of experience in the field of Call Tracking.

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matelso Call Tracking FAQ
matelso Call Tracking is an innovative technology that enables marketers to rely even more on the performance of their campaigns and further optimize them based on customer needs and habits.

Here, marketers and other decision makers can find answers to the most important questions about our MarTech solution.


What are the advantages of Call Tracking?

Call Tracking offers companies the opportunity to precisely measure and optimize the effectiveness of marketing measures. It enables detailed analysis of call sources and call histories, helping to improve customer service.

Call Tracking provides a better idea of which campaigns generate the most calls and which actions have the highest conversion rates. By analyzing call times and durations, marketers can also gain important insights into customer needs and behaviors.


How does Call Tracking work?

Generally speaking, Call Tracking links an advertising campaign to a dedicated phone number and the calls it triggers. The technology determines and analyzes how many calls individual advertising measures actually generate and ultimately how successful they are. In particular, Call Tracking addresses issues such as the length of a call, the general number of calls as well as the value of a call.
In addition, Call Tracking can be divided into two different levels, which work as follows:

  • Static Call Tracking

    Static Call Tracking uses different call numbers for the website, print ads, and on the radio to measure the performance of these mediums. Specifically: this method uses a single call number for each (advertising) measure. Marketers thus learn, for example, which poster or website triggers the most calls.


  • Dynamic Call Tracking

    Dynamic Call Tracking can be used to precisely measure the success of online advertising measures. It works like this: A script is embedded on a website that plays out an individual call number to each visitor. This allows marketers to clearly assign each generated call to a website visitor. In addition, they can measure the connection between telephone inquiries/orders and the individual online advertising channels (SEA, display, newsletter, SEO,…).


Is Call Tracking GPDR compliant? What do I have to consider?

matelso Call Tracking is GDPR compliant. We are contract data processors for our customers, we only use first party cookies. The data collected as part of our projects “belongs” to our customers and is not used by matelso for any other purpose. In addition, our servers are located in Germany.

In the case of dynamic Call Tracking, the privacy policy of the website should contain a corresponding note. In addition, Call Tracking should be integrated into the consent management. We are happy to assist you with the review – in cooperation with data protection officers and legal advisors.

Find more info here


Can I measure Call Tracking calls as a conversion in Google Analytics (GA)?

Yes. matelso Call Tracking can be linked to various services such as Matomo, Google Ads, Marin Software, intelliAd, Webtrekk, doubleclick, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.
Via the Google Analytics integration, the collected Call Tracking data can be transferred to Google Analytics. With existing links between Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, marketers can also track incoming calls down to the keyword level and integrate them into their Google Analytics reports.


Does the Call Tracking number also have my local area code or is it always an 0800 number?

The decision about a local area code is up to each customer. They define individually for each Call Tracking scenario whether they want a local Call Tracking number or whether it should be a 0800 number. The range of functions is the same. Experience shows that for local companies a number with a local area code is often desired.


Which Call Tracking package is right for me?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in Call Tracking – each package should be customized. We are therefore happy to advise and put together what we believe to be the perfect Call Tracking package, without obligation. 

Finde more info here.


Do you want to take off with us and our Call Tracking technology?

See for yourself how matelso call tracking can help you achieve your marketing goals.
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