Call tracking integrations

Important information about incoming calls not in a new data silo, but exactly in the tool in which you need it.


Collecting caller data is one thing. But having this data in the right tool at the right time makes call tracking a powerful tool in online marketing.



Matomo integration

Especially now, in the age of GDPR and other data protection regulations, users are increasingly turning to Matomo when choosing an analysis tool. To ensure that our customers can also use Matomo to analyze the data generated by Call Tracking without any problems, we offer a native standard integration in Matomo.


Google Analytics call tracking integration

Using our Google Analytics integration, we send the call tracking data collected to Google Analytics.

If there are existing links between your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, you can trace your incoming calls down to keyword level and integrate them into your Google Analytics reports.


matelso meets Google Ads 

Google Ads is a web-based platform that allows advertisers to place targeted online adverts in the form of text ads, banners or product ads on the Google advertising network. Today, Google Ads is the largest online advertising network in the world.

By integrating call tracking data into the world of Google Ads, you can directly link incoming calls to the performance of your Google Ads and use them to optimize your marketing campaigns.


Marin Software

Marin Software offers a flexible, high-performance platform for cross-channel performance marketing: Agencies and advertising clients manage and optimize digital advertisements totaling more than USD 7 billion per year in this way. With the integrated platform for search engine, social, display, and mobile marketing, Marin helps online advertisers to improve their financial performance, save time, and make better decisions.

With the integration of matelso call tracking data into the Marin Software Suite, valuable information about incoming calls is also made available in one of the best-known enterprise solutions.


Call tracking in the bid management system intelliAd


intelliAd offers agencies and advertising clients a performance marketing platform with which advertisers can comprehensively measure, understand, and optimize their online and offline campaigns.

intelliAd helps you understand your customers better and to translate this newly gained understanding directly into better performance.

An intelliAd extension aimed at optimizing available data with call tracking data, i.e. information about incoming calls, offers significant added value when it comes to data quality.

The more information you provide to a bid management system like intelliAd, the better the algorithms can improve marketing performance. 


A/B testing by Optimizely with matelso call tracking technology

Optimizely is the world’s leading platform for optimizing user experience and offers A/B testing and personalization solutions for websites and mobile devices to globally leading brands. The fact that the platform is easy to use and provides services fast enables companies to create and conduct experiments, thanks to which they can make well-founded, data-based decisions.

The integration of matelso in Optimizely creates opportunities to implement A/B tests with different phone numbers.


matelso integrated into Refined Ads 

Refined Labs GmbH is a leading provider of performance marketing software. In Refined Ads, it offers cutting-edge technology that brings global transparency to online marketing.

With interfaces for search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, retargeting, SEO, various display ad servers, and web analysis systems, the application is designed for the workflow and requirements of medium-sized to large direct advertisers and agencies. It allows cross-channel tracking of the customer journey, with cross-channel success reporting (CC ROI and CC CPO).

The integrated TV tracking with automated commercial recognition enables TV commercials to be optimized in terms of their online effect.

Extend the functionality of Refined Ads. Take advantage of our integration in this multi-purpose SEA tool and link caller data with a wide variety of marketing activities. Receive important campaign-related caller insights and optimize your entire marketing approach. 


Call tracking data directly in Webtrekk

Webtrekk is a global digital intelligence provider that offers data-based solutions for optimizing digital business models. The Digital Intelligence Suite not only includes innovative analysis products, but also tools for testing and personalizing websites.

Webtrekk turns data into profit – through the use of personalized, automated marketing campaigns and recommendations. In addition to the Digital Intelligence Suite, Webtrekk offers comprehensive advice for any digital analytics requirement, from strategy through to implementation and training.

You can also receive important information about incoming calls in Webtrekk. Through the integration in Webtrekk you can recognize which user called at which point of the customer journey. Everything in Webtrekk without creating a new data silo of new external software.



DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that helps agencies and advertisers efficiently manage some of the world’s largest search engine marketing campaigns across multiple search engines and media channels. The optimized workflow and powerful reporting capabilities enable buyers to efficiently execute campaigns, while strategic bid optimization increases campaign success. Native integration in the DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) platform allows buyers to manage and track digital campaigns on a single platform. This in turn enables comprehensive, cross-channel reporting and attribution and corresponding purchasing.

Integration in DoubleClick also connects call tracking data with data in DoubleClick without creating another data silo. Gain important insights in DoubleClick.



Inbound calls in the Adobe Marketing Cloud


Adobe Analytics is the industry-leading solution for real-time analyses and detailed segmentation in all of your marketing channels. Find out the most lucrative target groups and use knowledge about your customers for your company.

Integration into the Adobe Marketing Cloud means we are ready for professional enterprise solutions. Having the information about telephone calls directly in the cloud without having to go through additional software to access it offers enormous added value for the users of this extremely comprehensive tool.


Reporting with matelso and Google Data Studio

It’s not just the matelso connector that delivers important data. If you have worked with Google Data Studio before, you will no doubt be aware of other important data sources. These can easily be linked directly to Data Studio. This will establish a connection with your analysis data from, for example, your CRM, marketing tool or other tools. 

Benefit from simply better, more attractive and meaningful reports. Preferably today.