Integrations 2.0



Integrations 2.0 makes countless application scenarios for Call Tracking technology possible.



The challenge in online marketing is to combine as much detailed data as possible in a single place, in order to be able to successfully optimize marketing measures from there.

With Integrations 2.0, matelso creates a link to almost every conceivable tool. Configure a push to your preferred system in just a few steps. Obtain information about incoming calls directly, in real time, and depending on the setup – even before the call is answered in the tool of your choice.

Whether you use this data as a basis for your bid management systems, or send important caller information directly to your CRM system or your call center solution – with Integrations 2.0 from matelso this is possible in just a few clicks.


Example: call data in Hubspot

Information about incoming calls directly in Hubspot.

Using Webhook, data about an incoming call is transferred fully automatically from the matelso Control Panel to the Zapier tool.

Zapier is fully integrated in Hubspot. Zapier calls the appropriate contact in Hubspot if they are available, and also sends data directly to the contact’s timeline. If no matching existing record is found, Zapier creates a new contact and pushes the data into the timeline of the new contact.

Within Hubspot, workflows are now set up to edit contact properties depending on these timeline entries and to distribute tasks to the correspondingly assigned employees.

For example, set original source, enter phone number, create callback task, or put the contact on special contact lists.

Information such as the last URL visited at the time of the call, the language chosen by the visitor, etc., is particularly interesting here.


Example: call data in Zoho

Information about incoming calls directly in Zoho.

Using Webhook, data about an incoming call is transferred fully automatically from the matelso Control Panel to Zoho FLOW.

In Zoho FLOW, there are now countless possibilities to process this data within Zoho tools/apps. 


Example: call data in a data hub such as Zapier

Zapier is currently one of the best-known tools for transferring or synchronizing data from one tool to another.

Using Webhook, you can push all data about incoming calls available in Integrations 2.0 into Zapier and from there access native integrations in over 2000+ tools.

List of ZAPIER apps.


How can we integrate call data into your system of choice? 

The answer is only one consultation away.

Contact one of our Call Tracking gurus and we will see how we can send call data to your system of choice.

“With matelso as an innovation-driven and competent call tracking partner, we have already been able to implement numerous projects. We were impressed by the product itself thanks to its ease of implementation, as well as its seamless integration into third-party tools such as Google Analytics”.

Sebastian Pospischil

Director of Digital Analytics, United Digital Group

“Thanks to the use of matelso numbers, we can now measure our most important contact channel telephone calls. This gives us an accurate insight into the success of the various channels. And, thanks to the differentiating of phone numbers, even at location level”.


Fabian Lehmann

Online Marketing Team Leader, ComCave College

“I was surprised at how fast and easy it is to set up matelso call tracking. I’m impressed by the result! The many features offered by the matelso control panel are ideally tailored to the dynamic business environment in which we operate. Working with you is a lot of fun”.

Finn Hassold
Finn Hassold

Product Management, Search & Display Team Leader
Heise RegioConcept