How can I use the matelso Looker Studio/Google Data Studio Connector?

The connector is an option of the Looker Studio set up by matelso and uses the matelso API and not the matelso Integration 2.0 system. It uses the API call “show_calls” and is therefore bound to its functionality. #

More information about this API call can be found in our API documentation:

To use the connector, the matelso API must be activated in your account.

The API can be activated via the matelso Control Panel. The costs for the API function can be found in your price list.

Activation in the matelso Control Panel:

If the matelso API is now or already activated, simply use the following link:

To set up the connector, only the matelso partner ID and the API password are required. The API password can be changed in the matelso Control Panel if desired.

Here is an example view of data using the connector:

The matelso Data Studio Connector receives the data listed below from the show_calls method:

Content fields:

All other matelso API methods can be used, but must be configured independently by the customer in Google Data Studio/ Google Analytics.

This can be done, for example, with the import via Google Spreadsheets.