How do I find the right pool size for my website?

The size of the call tracking number pool depends on the number of unique visitors per month on the website. #

The information about the individual visitors to my website can be found in analysis portals such as Google Analytics. The recommended action in this article is based on the following benchmark:

There is a 95% probability that calls will be made within 30 minutes of visiting the website.

Please check whether this is also transferable to your case.

The following benchmarks refer to unique visitors per month:

<3,000 unique visitors/month: Number pool of 10 (0711 – 12345 – 0).

<30,000 unique visitors/month: Number pool of 100 (0711 – 12345 – 00)

<300,000 unique visitors/month : number pool of 1000 (0711 – 12345 – 000)

If you have more than 300,000 unique visitors/month, contact us at