I already have a phone number, can I use it as a call tracking number?

Many customers already have their own or a special service number via which they can be called. #

Especially at the beginning of call tracking, you often ask yourself why you should book new numbers at all. Why can’t matelso simply switch its own numbers and track the data?

The answer is clear: for the quality of the tracking data, a new number is always better!

With numbers that have been in circulation for a long time, it is more difficult to distinguish between customers newly acquired through advertising campaigns and existing customers. Of course, customers who call the old number can still be reached. This means that you do not lose any calls. Especially if you work with different campaigns or pages, a clear distinction is immensely important for the evaluation.

To be able to correctly classify the effectiveness of advertising measures, we therefore highly recommend booking a new pool

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Three industries that should rely on call tracking: B2B, automotive and agencies!

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