SPAM Calls – matelso can help

There are several ways to deal with unwanted calls #

If the attacks always come from the same phone numbers, you can use our “Blacklist” tool, which allows you to block caller numbers

Blacklist Tool – (Is it possible to block annoying callers?)

If the attacks always come from anonymous caller numbers, you can use our routing option “Source Based Routing” to not forward the callers with anonymous numbers or redirect them to an answering machine, for example.

matelso Source Based Routing – (How to set up source based routing)

If there are always different phone numbers, we recommend switching a PreIVR, also a routing option. In the PreIVR, each caller receives an announcement before being forwarded, to which the caller must respond by entering a key. Unwanted calls are filtered out in this way.

matelso IVR – (matelso PRE IVR)