What is the difference between pools of 1 and pools of 10, 100 and 1000 numbers?

What is a pool of 1 and how is it used? #

A pool of 1 number is a static phone number as it is commonly known. Static tracking is usually used to measure individual sources that are outside of your own website. Static tracking is usually not connected to the matelso script and therefore cannot collect web data. Web data is information about web visitors, such as a Google Click ID. So without this web data no evaluation of it can take place.


What can a single number pool be used for? #

  • Print campaigns
  • Google Ads caller extensions
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Individual sources like MyBusiness, LinkedIn, Xing
  • etc.

The evaluation is then based on the number of calls to this one number, which was only used for the source assigned to it.


What is a pool of 10, 100, or 100 and how are they used? #

Every pool larger than 1 is a dynamic call tracking pool. A dynamic pool is used in conjunction with the matelso script to display a different number from the pool to each website visitor. Through this assignment matelso then collects web data about the call. It is called dynamic tracking.
The web data can then be used to connect other collected web information and create a meaningful context.

As an example: I have the customer journey of a website visitor in Google Analytics. With dynamic tracking, I can now see that this very visitor not only clicked, but actually called. So I can then also assign my callers to different campaigns.

The “Search & Replace” configuration for the respective pool in the matelso Control Panel and the matelso Search & Replace script on the website. You can find more information on setting up a dynamic pool, the pool size and the script here:

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Please use the dynamic pool only for displaying phone numbers on the website and do not split it to use phone numbers from the pool for other purposes. This will make your evaluation difficult and inaccurate (phone number is displayed for source A and on the website).