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How can your marketing team benefit from the matelso platform?

What advantages does a marketing user have with the platform?

As a marketer, you have your marketing tools and data in one easy-to-use, powerful platform. This saves you valuable time and puts all the information you need at your fingertips to provide your prospects with a personalized experience that will turn them into your customers in no time.

What advantages does a marketing Manager have with the platform?​

As a marketing manager, you have a 360° view of all inbound inquiries. You finally have the possibility to map all important conversation points on your website and generate conversions. Furthermore, you get real-time insight into the conversations and have the possibility to analyze the performance of your employees or join their tasks.

Modules that make your marketing team more successful

Webmaster Plugin

the webmaster plugIn is a script with various functions, which is installed on the website.​

Communications module

The communication module provides all conversation points of the matelso platform.

3rd Party Tool Connector

Enables connection of third-party communication channels.

Queue Management

Prioritized processing of operations to track and ensure business objectives are met.​


You can edit colors and backgrounds to highlight features.

Data Distributor

Submit any data collected to a third-party tool.



You want to give your website visitors the opportunity to contact you via your website. The resulting inbound requests must be able to be processed by the user within the matelso platform.

In addition, you want to identify the visitor's browsing behavior and conversion, and provide this data in your preferred web analytics tool. 

Make it easy for your customers

With a seamless integration of Conversation Points into the website, you make it easy for your customers to contact you.

  • Individually configurable (language, opening hours, teams)
  • Chat, Email, Phone - /Web Call, Video Call,
    Callback request
  • Acknowledgement, Auto-Reply, GDPR

Communicate in real time

Make it easier to respond to customer inquiries with a unified workspace.

  • communicate across channels
  • tagging 
  • rating 

Better marketing through valid tracking

  • relevant & valid data
  • Conversion tracking
  • GDPR Cookie Solution