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Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Munich in 2002 by Jürgen Schorn and Christoph Lemp. The owner-managed company is one of the leading project developers, consultants and marketeers of high-end properties in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Bauwerk Capital combines the fields of architecture, marketing and sales. With over 40 permanent employees, the company manages the entire project process of a property – from purchasing the land to managing the project, from product development, product design and positioning through to sales.

With this comprehensive service portfolio, Bauwerk Capital works both as an investor and developer, and as a joint venture partner or service provider for landowners, investors, property developers or builders.

In the past five years, Bauwerk Capital has completed over 20 projects. Since 2010, it has successfully positioned almost 1,000 new-build apartments, with a sales volume of around a billion Euros. As a modern property service provider, Bauwerk Capital, at its headquarters in Munich, is therefore a market leader in the field of high-end, new-build apartments. The company has branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Bauwerk Capital is aware of its high social responsibility when designing living spaces. The company is actively involved in the German Sustainable Building Council and has received countless awards, including the Brand Award of the real estate business and the red dot design award.

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“How can we connect inbound calls using our various communication measures?”

“How can we tell if our campaigns are generating call leads?”

The customer’s challenge is easy to describe: How can calls, which are still among the most valuable leads, be evaluated in such a way that a meaningful evaluation is possible? In addition to calls via channels such as AdWords campaigns, offline campaigns (brochures, advertisements, etc.) should also be evaluated.

And then there’s also the customer’s task of providing this information efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations.


  • Different dynamic call tracking numbers
  • Single numbers for print campaigns
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Campaign management

Individual call tracking number pools are activated for the various projects in different cities. With the integration of Google Analytics, it is now possible to obtain important information about the origin of inbound calls.

The use of individual telephone numbers in print campaigns, in combination with the configured campaign management, enables performance analysis of individual advertisements and print materials.



On our website in particular, it is extremely important to note two things. Firstly, visitors to our website ideally want to see regional, project-related telephone numbers. This strengthens trust in our offering and increases the number of calls compared to calls made to a national service number.
In addition, in order to be able to guarantee that our marketing budget is played out in a performance-oriented manner, we must obtain information about the origin of the call as well as about the complete customer journey. We are able to do this by using dynamic call tracking in combination with regional telephone number pools.


Just as with the use of dynamic call tracking numbers on the website, we also need a means of monitoring the success of our print campaigns. How many calls did we receive due to which ad? Which exposé was most successful in the end? By using regional single numbers together with matelso campaign management, we are now also able to optimize our “offline” campaigns in terms of ROI and CPL.


At the end of the day, we therefore have a quick overview of our effectiveness in the individual channels – in the marketing tool of our choice. We have different sites in Germany, at which we use flexible land line numbers and can therefore produce an accurate, location-specific evaluation.

To sum up: It’s the perfect solution to combining the offline telephone world with the online world.


With the call tracking solution from matelso, we are able to assign calls to different channels. We use call tracking for our website, newsletter, print ads, construction signs and in online portals.

Simone Griehl 
Marketing Manager Dipl. Kauffrau (LMU) 
Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG

“With matelso as an innovation-driven and competent call tracking partner, we have already been able to implement numerous projects. We were impressed by the product itself thanks to its ease of implementation, as well as its seamless integration into third-party tools such as Google Analytics”.

Sebastian Pospischil - Director of Digital Analytics

„Mit matelso als innovationsgetriebenem und kompetentem Partner für Call Tracking konnten wir bereits zahlreiche Projekte realisieren. Das Produkt an sich überzeugt durch seine einfache Implementierung, sowie die nahtlose Integration in 3rd Party Tools wie z.B. Google Analytics.“

Sebastian Pospischil - Director Digital Analytics

“Con matelso come partner orientato all’innovazione e competente per il Call Tracking siamo stati in grado di realizzare già numerosi progetti. Il prodotto in sé convince per la sua semplice implementazione, nonché per la perfetta integrazione con tool di terze parti quali ad esempio Google Analytics”.

Sebastian Pospischil - Director Digital Analytics

„Dank der Nutzung der matelso-Nummern können wir jetzt unseren wichtigsten Kontaktkanal Telefonanrufe messen. So erhalten wir einen genauen Einblick über den Erfolg der Herkunftskanäle. Und durch die Differenzierung der Rufnummern sogar auf Standortebene.“

Fabian Lehmann - Teamleiter Online Marketing

Only if you include calls in your evaluations as part of
the customer journey

can you also successfully optimize advertising efficiency
and conversions.

Frank G. Froux,
matelso Managing Director

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