The Call Tracking Solution

Leading marketing tool for evaluating telephone calls (call tracking) for companies, agencies, marketplaces & portals.

Call Tracking for agencies

Agencies are always looking for innovative solutions for their clients. Call Tracking is an easy way for customers to document their own output, while also improving performance.

We offer solutions specifically designed for agencies.


Call Tracking for portals

Portals and marketplaces face the challenge of providing the best possible services to sellers and buyers, finding a suitable pricing model, and asserting themselves against competitors. Call Tracking has solutions specially designed for use on portals and marketplaces.


Call Tracking for marketing

In marketing, you can only optimize what you know. Call Tracking provides decisive insights into call leads as a basis for improved marketing performance.
Which advertising measure, campaign, or keyword performs best? Call Tracking provides the answers.

Call Tracking for sales

Telephony still plays an enormously important role in a customer’s decision-making process. In the world of sales, it is extremely important not to miss any calls, i.e. sales opportunities. Knowing information about the caller and their customer journey before the start of the call provides crucial advantages.

Calls an important factor in online marketing

According to current statistics and surveys, and contrary to popular belief, the telephone is enjoying increasing popularity. Particularly when it comes to consultations and sales, users are increasingly turning to the telephone rather than filling out complicated forms or searching for answers to their questions on complicated websites or in chat functions.

So, don’t forget that these calls are an important part of your successful marketing strategy – use key call tracking insights to optimize all aspects of your marketing campaign.

Key features

Call tracking supplies valuable information about inbound calls and shows how marketing campaigns are actually performing.

Quantitative insights such as the number of calls generated by a marketing campaign or which calls were accepted and which were not.

Qualitative insights such as when a call was made, how long a conversation lasted or the value of an inbound call.



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Why choose matelso?

matelso has been an active player on the market for over 10 years and is a renowned pioneer and thinkleader in the sector. By using servers based in Germany, matelso is able to offer call tracking technology that complies fully with GDPR requirements. In addition to offering telephone numbers in over 70 countries, matelso is also a provider/carrier in Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Belgium as well as in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

matelso serves customers in various different sectors, using its broad spectrum of expertise in all kinds of call tracking applications. Testimonials from matelso’s customer base speak for themselves:

“With matelso as an innovation-driven and competent call tracking partner, we have already been able to implement numerous projects. We were impressed by the product itself thanks to its ease of implementation, as well as its seamless integration into third-party tools such as Google Analytics”.

Sebastian Pospischil

Director of Digital Analytics, United Digital Group

“Thanks to the use of matelso numbers, we can now measure our most important contact channel telephone calls. This gives us an accurate insight into the success of the various channels. And, thanks to the differentiating of phone numbers, even at location level”.


Fabian Lehmann

Online Marketing Team Leader, ComCave College

“I was surprised at how fast and easy it is to set up matelso call tracking. I’m impressed by the result! The many features offered by the matelso control panel are ideally tailored to the dynamic business environment in which we operate. Working with you is a lot of fun”.

Finn Hassold
Finn Hassold

Product Management, Search & Display Team Leader
Heise RegioConcept

Fully customized call tracking

There are countless scenarios in which call tracking technology can be used to good effect. The strength of matelso technology lies in its ability to adapt to the most diverse requirements of the market and industry. However, we usually distinguish between just two call tracking variants.

Static call tracking

Static call tracking is the static linking of a telephone number with a marketing campaign, i.e. one number per channel, advert or campaign. Each call is counted and attributed to the relevant marketing campaign.



Dynamic call tracking

Dynamic call tracking produces more detailed results than static call tracking. Here, a link between a website visitor and a telephone number is used to later break the source down to ad, medium or keyword level. Each call is tracked and valuable data pushed to your marketing tool for detailed evaluations and matching.

Frank G. Froux
Founder & CEO

Only by including calls as part of the customer journey
in your evaluations can you successfully
optimize advertising efficiency and conversions.


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