The origin and evolution of human language is comparable to the invention of fire or the beginning of tool use in human evolution.
– Joseph Joubert

Voice Martters - Die Bedeutung und Relevanz von Sprache in Marketing und Sales


Language | Voice

['ʃpraːxə] | ['ʃtɪmə]


There are living beings with the ability to communicate at all stages of evolution.
Language, however, is a tool of mankind. It serves us as a means of expressing thoughts and feelings, and is considered by far the most important medium of communication.

People’s actions, thoughts, and imagination are shaped by language.

The voice is involved in various vocalizations, such as shouting, crying, and laughing, and above all in the articulation of language. The voice is the key transmitter of emotions, using language as a channel.


Voice as the basis for communication

Voice is essential for discussion and agreement in order to overcome problems.

The use of language and voice catapulted the human race to the top of the food chain. Without the ability to communicate via language using our own voice, we would have become extinct thousands of years ago.




Voice = speed

The spoken word conveys information faster than any other means of communication.

Typing text is tedious. Aides – such as autocorrect and autofill – are frowned upon and usually deactivated. The development of services such as WhatsApp has prompted users to write more text. Digital natives, however, are taking a step back and increasingly using the voice functionality to send voice messages.


Voice = emotion

The spoken word conveys emotions

An empathetic understanding of your conversation partner is an important component for successful communication. In a face-to-face meeting, a dialog partner’s needs can be quickly addressed. This represents an advantage that cannot be gained via a chat window or contact form.








Voice = trust

Language creates understanding, understanding creates trust

Language is the fastest interface for us humans. We understand and process nothing faster than the spoken word. If something is unclear, immediate inquiries are made to attempt to clarify the situation as quickly as possible. Clarity creates trust. Using language, AI systems also manage to inspire confidence in us humans.



Once you have realized how valuable the voice channel is – in other words, generally establishing personal contact using your voice – you quickly ask yourself how important this channel is for the consumer. Whether customer, patient, or client – in many situations, people prefer quick direct contact. This voice channel should therefore be measured and evaluated by every entrepreneur and marketing department.

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