15 Jun 2023

Click to Call (Click2Call) Events in Google Analytics vs. Proper Call Tracking with Call Conversions: Which is Best for Your Business?

In the world of digital marketing, knowing where your leads come from is crucial. This knowledge allows you to optimize your campaigns and increase your return on investment (ROI). One way to track leads is through phone calls, which can be done using either Click2Call events or a proper call tracking solution. In this post, we’ll explore both options and help you decide which is the best fit for your business.

Understanding Click2Call events / Click to Call Events in Google Analytics

What are Click2Call Events?

Click to Call is a feature that allows website visitors to call your business directly by clicking on a phone number link on your site. When a user clicks on this link, the action is tracked as an event in Google Analytics. This gives you some insight into how many potential customers are attempting to contact you by phone.

How to set up this type of Event in Google Analytics

There are different approaches to set up the Click to Call (Click2Call) Event Tracking, the quickest and easiest way is to use the Google Tag Manager for this task.

  • Add Phone Numbers to your website using href=”tel:0123456789” Link, to get clickable phone numbers
  • Add the right trigger to the Google Tag Manager which only fires when this specific link is clicked
  • Add the Google Analytics 4 Event Tag and configure it to your needs

Every click on the phone number will then be sent to Google Analytics as an Event.

Limitations of the click on phone number GA4 Event

While Click2Call can provide some valuable insights, it has its limitations. For one, it only tracks when a phone number link is clicked, not whether a call was actually made or what was discussed during the call – so it doesn’t work at all for Desktop Users as they don’t tend to click on phone numbers. It also doesn’t provide insights into the quality of the lead or the conversion rate. To get this level of insight, you may need a more comprehensive solution like a proper call tracking software.

The Case for Proper Call Tracking Software

What is Proper Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that allows businesses to track phone calls that come from online and offline marketing efforts. Unlike Click to Call Events, Call Tracking can provide detailed information about the caller, the call duration, the call result, and can even start a lead management process by integrating the inbound call lead into your CRM. Our matelso Call Tracking solution is an example of this kind of software.

How matelso’s Call Tracking Solution Works

To make it work we’ll focus on the Dynamic Call Tracking, feel free to check out the other variants here. When using Dynamic Call Tracking every user sees a phone number which is linked to only his session in this moment. When a call is made to one of these numbers, the software tracks the call and provides you with detailed information about it. This can help you understand which marketing channels are generating the most valuable leads. You can find more information about our call tracking use cases here.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Call Tracking Solution

There are many benefits to using a dedicated call tracking solution like matelso’s. These include:


  • Detailed insights into call metrics
  • Understanding of which marketing channels are generating calls
  • Ability to link calls to specific marketing campaigns
  • Improved understanding of customer behavior
  • Enhanced customer service and sales performance

Difference between Click2Call Events and a Click2Call Software

Click2Call Events and Click2Call software may sound similar, but they are fundamentally different. Click2Call Events simply track when a phone number link is clicked on your website. On the other hand, Click2Call software, like the web call the matelso’s platform offers, allows customers to initiate a call without the need for a phone number. Instead, the software connects the call between the customer and the business. This technology eliminates the need for the customer to dial a number, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. The Click to Call Event is just an option to track the click on a phone number to get some information about users and their behavior.

    Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

    Understanding Your Business Needs

    Choosing between Click2Call events and a proper call tracking solution depends on your specific business needs and the level of insight you require. If you simply want to know how many of your mobile visitors are clicking your phone number links, Click2Call events may suffice. However, if you want deeper insights into your call leads, such as who is calling, what marketing channel they came from, and what was discussed during the call, a comprehensive call tracking solution like matelso’s Call Tracking software would be a better fit.

    Navigating the world of digital marketing can be complex, but with the right tools and information, you can make decisions that will drive your business forward. Whether you choose Click2Call events or a comprehensive call tracking solution like matelso, the important thing is to understand your needs and choose the solution that best meets them.

      Jun 15, 2023

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