matelso platform:
Boost Sales with smart Lead Management


Communication & Lead Management at it’s best – Sales Expertise and Marketing Data combined in the matelso platform

Dive into a world where every lead is captured, every conversation is informed, and every CRM entry is relevant.

matelso platform:
Boost Sales with smart Lead Management

Communication & Lead Management at it’s best – Sales Expertise and Marketing Data combined in the matelso platform

Dive into a world where every lead is captured, every conversation is informed, and every CRM entry is relevant.

10k+ Websites use our Call Tracking

“...with matelso Call Tracking we ensure optimal online marketing performance for all business models ...”
Stephan Siegloch,

KlickPiloten GmbH

“Ideal for measuring calls. Good functionality and usability, great support, relatively unique features...”
Sebastian Brandstetter,


“Must have for any marketeer working with call leads! ... by now one of the most important decision support tools ever. ..."
Ben Kretzschmar,

Autoland AG

“... The implementation as well as the cooperation with matelso is uncomplicated and always solution-oriented. …”

Marc Lemke,

PHD Germany GmbH

“... through the optimizations with Call Tracking, we generated 8% more leads for the franchises …”

Mario Löwe

Küche&Co GmbH

Get to know the matelso platform
Lernen Sie die matelso platform kennen
Never miss a lead again

All leads unified in a single multichannel communication platform


All leads at a glance
All leads are neatly consolidated in one place across all channels. This enables meaningful reporting and an optimal customer experience.

Greatly simplified toolchain
Simply copy the script into the website, and after 5 minutes all leads arrive in the queue – with only one login for all channels.

Informed and successful Conversations

Better advice with the matelso platform and faster success in customer talks – thanks to strong customer data


Marketing data for sales success
Know everything about the customer at the moment of contact – an advantage for successful conversations and consultations.

Lead Scoring
Always know how much a lead is really worth. Efficient lead scoring directly in the platform is the key.

Say Goodbye to Cluttered CRMs

Clean data: Transfer scored leads directly into CRM or ERP.


Efficient Sales Processes and Clean CRM Data
With relevant customer information in CRM, such as budget, previous purchases, and interests, sales strategies can be planned and implemented more effectively.

Meaningful reporting
Only evaluated and clean lead data flows into CRM/ERP. The basis for clearer dashboards and reporting.

Experience the benefits of our lead management solution firsthand. For more details, feel free to visit our features page to learn more about how you can simplify your MarTech toolchain, gain better marketing and customer insights, and achieve a significant marketing uplift.

Book a free trial account directly!

matelso Integrations

Cleanly integrate Marketing and Sales data into CRM and analytics tools - with matelso.

matelso offers innovative MarTech solutions that can easily integrate your data into third-party systems such as CRM, analytics tools or ERP. They allow real-time updates of your marketing activities without data silos.

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Integrating data into your infrastructure is easy with the help of our consulting team.
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How does the matelso platform work?

Step 1:

Log in and configure all relevant conversation points in 5 minutes – for sales.

Step 2:

Copy script and paste it into the website.

Step 2:

Copy script and paste it into the website.

Step 3:

Set up notifications and simple reporting in the queue.

Step 4:

Configure Web Data and Good Words / Bad Words in the Communication Cockpit.

Step 5:

Determine which data is transferred to which CRM- and ERP- tools … done!

Start now with inteligent Lead Management:

matelso platform FAQ

The matelso platform is an innovative SaaS solution that enables marketers to radically simplify their lead management processes. This is how complex data becomes real business success.

Here, interested parties can find answers to the most important questions about our MarTech solution.


What advantages does the matelso platform offer for marketing?

The cloud-based, turnkey SaaS platform helps marketers in particular to optimize their lead management processes by tracking, analyzing, visualizing and making directly usable all data from conversational touchpoints such as mails, (video) calls, chats or forms. This is because the information from these channels provides hard facts and insights into customers’ decision-making and communication processes – and thus a very high optimization potential for online marketing campaigns and sales.


Is the matelso platform compliant with the GDPR?

The matelso platform is compliant with the GDPR. Each contract is only concluded with a signed order processing agreement (AVV). The server location is Germany, which provides additional security in terms of data protection. Furthermore, matelso is regulated by the Telecommunications Act (TKG). This ensures that the platform complies with the highest data protection standards and that users’ data is secure.

In addition, the matelso platform works exclusively with first party cookies (including cookie consent query) to ensure user data security. In addition, the platform can also be used if the customer has not given his consent – however, no web data can then be collected and stored.


For which companies is the matelso platform suitable?

The matelso platform is of interest to two types of customers:

Primarily, the platform addresses medium-sized companies from the DACH region with 25 – 2500 employees that operate a website and use it for paid marketing campaigns. In addition, this target group relies on leads as a primary source of new business.

Again, our target customers are found in the DACH region. These are often service providers and agencies from the areas of performance marketing and lead generation with at least 15 employees.


Can I integrate lead data from the matelso platform into GA4?

Yes. The matelso platform can be linked to various services such as intelliAd, Webtrekk, doubleclick.

Via these integrations, the collected lead data can be transmitted. In addition, marketers can track incoming leads down to keyword level and integrate them into their reports.

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Do-it-with-me instead of DIY: Achieving more together with our consultants.
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