5 Jun 2023

The matelso platform: GDPR-compliant tracking and communication

What is the matelso platform and what can it do?

GDPR-compliant tracking and communication: The matelso platform is a cloud-based solution for communication-based lead management that bridges the gap between online and offline data. It enables marketers to easily and quickly integrate and leverage all relevant conversational channels into their existing website. The system can be set up in just five minutes – everything from a single source, without cumbersome individual integrations and data silos. The platform offers a true 360° view of all marketing processes, combining clicks and conversations.

In addition, the solution offers a wide range of features – such as full conversion tracking, a simplified toolchain, improved insights and an uplift in marketing. It helps marketers determine their true marketing ROI and implement an efficient lead scoring process. As a result, our solution pays significant dividends on marketing success and generates more valuable leads for the same budget.

Website tracking: What you need to consider for GDPR-compliant tracking and communication

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifies certain requirements that must be observed when tracking users on websites. It is important that website visitors are informed about the tracking and give their consent. In addition, the collected data must be stored and processed securely.

How the matelso platform separates tracking and communication

The matelso platform is designed to cleanly separate tracking and communication. The user always has the choice: he can accept the cookies used – or not. The highlight of the matelso platform: Even if the site visitor decides against accepting cookies and thus tracking, communication can still be carried out via the platform and nothing stands in the way of the exchange. The full benefits of the built-in tracking solution can only be used if the user agrees to the specified cookie settings. Only with consent, for example, can the consultant who accepts a call see what the customer has in his shopping cart or which campaign he used to get to the website. In addition, the platform can then also send evaluated leads to Google Analytics. All of this helps to massively improve the consultation experience!

Additional consent for data processing – for GDPR-compliant tracking and communication

Before starting a communication, the matelso platform can obtain the user’s consent to process their data. This provides an additional layer of security and ensures that DGPR requirements are met.

Cookie policy and data minimization

The matelso platform only collects data when the customer wants it. In addition, the customer can define exactly which data should be tracked specifically. This is in line with the principle of data economy, which is required for GDPR-compliant tracking and communication. In addition, websites that use the matelso platform must have a cookie policy that explains to users how and why cookies are used.

Freely definable interfaces

The matelso platform offers freely definable interfaces. This means that marketers can specify exactly what data is collected and where it is transferred. This way, they can ensure that no personal data is integrated into third-party systems where it has no business being. This is especially important to protect user privacy and meet DGPR requirements.

DGPR compliance and security at matelso

The matelso platform is DGPR compliant. Every contract is only concluded with a signed order processing agreement. The server location is Germany, which provides additional security in terms of data protection. In addition, matelso is regulated by the Telecommunications Act (TKG). This ensures that the platform meets the highest data protection standards and that users’ data is secure.


In summary, the matelso platform is a powerfu MarTech solution for Communication based Lead Management that takes data protection seriously. It offers a wide range of features that enable marketers to streamline their processes while respecting user privacy. With the matelso platform, companies can be sure that they comply with the GDPR requirements and that their users are in good hands.

Jun 5, 2023

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