22 Apr 2024

matelso Consulting: Our new team makes customers more successful

matelso Consulting: More power for our customers

As a MarTech company, we have to continuously develop ourselves – together with our customers. This is reflected not only in our innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions in the areas of Call Tracking and Multichannel Communication & Lead Management (matelso platform), but also in our organizational chart, which is continuously adapted to the requirements of our users by our Founder & CEO Frank G. Froux. Most recently with a new five-person matelso consulting team. This division now includes our colleagues Martin Hartig, Marco Hennrich, Matthias Sinz, Dominik Hofmann and – new on board – Rachid Ezzitounni. 

The reorganized business unit’s remit is simple to explain: the team is responsible for the fast and efficient integration of our solutions into customers’ systems – and thus their future business success. In addition to the implementation tasks, the colleagues are also responsible for integrating the  lead management solution matelso platform into customers’ existing infrastructures and third-party systems – such as Google Analytics 4, CRM and ERP systems or other marketing tools. In addition, the newly formed unit is now responsible for Customer Care.  

Martin Hartig, Head of Solution Management & Consulting, says: “Our new matelso consulting team will play a decisive role in the company’s development in future. With our distinctive “do-it-with-me” approach, we are very close to our customers from the very first day of the project and advise them on how to configure their systems most effectively and integrate them into their existing marketing and sales processes. This means that our solutions are always developed to fit the respective business case and the specific business model – there is no one-size-fits-all with us.”

Round of introductions: our new matelso consulting team

Brand new on board in the matelso consulting team: Junior Account Manager Rachid Ezzitounni. He is now joining the team with his skills and experience in the area of Customer Care. Specifically, he supports our customers in solving technical challenges, finding alternatives and developing completely new use cases. In this way, he contributes to the growth of the company and shows customers new perspectives for success with their data. Most recently, he worked at the SRH Foundation in Heidelberg, where he was responsible for the technical support of the front office, the sales team and accounts receivable as Front Office Manager.

Martin Hartig has been part of the matelso family since 2022. As Head of Solution Management & Consulting, he now leads the five-person team and is responsible for the strategic development of the MarTech platform as well as consulting and customer care. To this end, the graduate in business informatics contributes his expertise from 16 years in the IT industry and thus plays a key role in driving forward company and product development – always geared towards the individual business models and requirements of customers. He joined us from the software consultancy DCON (Kaiserslautern). There, in the position of Senior Consultant Product Management, he drove forward the solution design of the software.  

Marco Hennrich is an experienced consultant in the new consulting team. He has already been with the company for four years – in the role of Consultant since 2022. In particular, Marco supports all customers (Call Tracking and matelso platform) in adapting our products to their individual business processes and infrastructures. Furthermore, he is responsible for all topics related to pricing and the development of new use cases and drives the evolution of our solutions with his tech expertise and deep knowledge of innovative business models. He previously worked as a management trainee at Redheads Engineering Solutions in South Africa, where he supported the management team. 

Another member of the consulting team is customer care specialist Dominik Hofmann. As an Account Manager, the trained IT specialist has been dealing with all technical customer inquiries and support cases for three years. His tasks also include onboarding new customers, coordinating the rectification of faults and managing individual customer projects. He came to us from the software company maentorga (Kaiserslautern). He was also active there as an Account Manager with the same responsibilities. 

matelso Evolution

This is just one element of our strategic evolution. Previously, Frank G. Froux had already set the course to position his company’s MarTech solutions more strongly in the market – with efficient organizational structures in the areas of Sales and Marketing Communication (MarCom). In addition, matelso moved into its new company building at the beginning of October – the matelso Inspiration Hub. In an area of around 2,600 m2, the team there develops MarTech platforms that make the future of companies more successful – in line with the company’s mission: We love turning data into successful business stories.

Apr 22, 2024

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