How can I track calls if the S&R script is blocked?

The matelso script can be prevented from running by certain browser extensions such as ad blockers or script blockers. In this case, the dynamic replacement of the search text by call tracking numbers is prevented. The original text/number of the web page is then displayed.


What can I do to count these calls as well? #

We recommend using a static single pool in addition to a dynamic pool. The single pool number is then placed directly on the website without using the script. This single pool number is then replaced by matelso’s S&R script. So you have a number whose caller you can assign exactly to the “website call without S&R script” scenario. This is how you can easily set it up:

1. Book single pool/number

2. Set this to the desired website


3. Now set the single call number as search text in the configuration of the dynamic pool