Routing and time profiles

For different functions in our software you need a routing and/or a time profile. Here we show you how to create and configure them. #

The creation and configuration of the routing and time profiles can be found in the Control Panel under Templates:


Routing profiles #

Routing profiles are used for functions such as source-based routing, time-based routing and the PreIVR. These profiles allow you to set up a routing destination that can then be used as a destination for a specific condition. The creation is done via the Plus button:

You can then select a suitable name, enter the forwarding destination and also use extended routing options:

With Extended Routing Options:

Here is an example of a routing profile in which we have disabled forwarding to the phone number:


Time profiles #

Time profiles are needed for functions like Time Based Routing. With these profiles you can define a time period which can then be used for rules in the configuration. They are created via the Plus button:

You can then select a suitable name, mark days and also set times:

Here is an example of a time profile with working days with working hours from 08:00 to 16:00: