Number exchange on page does not work?

The matelso script not only collects the most important web data of the visitor, but can also easily replace the existing phone number on a website with a call tracking number from a dynamic pool. #

Among other things, this can be done with a matching search text. The matelso script then searches the HTML content of the page for exactly this search text and replaces it with the call tracking number.

More details on how to set this up can be found here:

How to configure Search and Replace?

If the exchange of the search text does not work, there are a few common errors to check.


1. Is the search text correct? #

The script only works with exact matches. The search text must therefore be entered in each formatting variant. This also applies to text that may be hidden behind a link. A typical example is the tel-link variant:

In this case, both the search text 06301 123 456 798 and the search text +49123456798 must be entered.


2. Is the matelso cookie set? #

The matelso script must set a cookie to ensure functionality. What kind of cookies these are exactly is explained in more detail here:

matelso cookies

If the matelso cookie is not set by a cookie management system or blocker, the exchange cannot take place. To solve this, simply allow the matelso cookie.


3. Is the matelso script still on the website? #

Sometimes there were changes to the website and as a result the script was removed. The matelso script must be built into the HTML code of the page. You can find more information about where to find the script here:

Where can I find the matelso script for my website?


4. Is the Channel- or Poolselector active? #

The channel selector and the pool selector filter the website visitors so that the call tracking number is only displayed in certain situations/conditions. This means that if the call tracking number is not exchanged, it is possible that these conditions were not set at the time.


5. Does the HTML content with the search text contain a “ ”? #

A non-breaking space, or protected space, is a position in the HTML code that cannot be changed. Our script cannot work if they are set. If a search text contains a non-breaking space ( ), it must be removed beforehand.

In most cases it is enough to check the web page content briefly in the browser:

Detect NBSP in HTML:

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